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BTH Tire: New & Used Quality Tires

BTH Tire and Auto Service Center is the only name you need to know for a reliable and professional purchase of tires and related services. Our technicians are trained to save you time, and money by offering alternatives to tire replacement such as tire repair.

New and Used Quality Tires on Sale!

Used tires can be great alternative to a new tire purchase. People often buy used tires because of a need to trade their cars, or replacing an unexpected blown out tire. Why purchase a new tire when you can possibly buy two tires for the price of one? BTH Tire and Auto Service Center can save you hundreds of dollars, we stock many quality tires on hand, that a thoroughly inspected to pass all state inspections.

Your One Stop Shop for All Your Tire Services

Remember: If your tires are not in the condition to pass your state inspection requirements, you are gambling with your life and the lives of others. Let BTH Tire and Auto Service Center help you with a great selection of tires for light truck and cars.

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BTH Tire: New & Used Quality Tires

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At BTH Tire: New & Used Quality Tires, we provide our customers with a tire management program which provided quality tires and proper disposal of scrap tires, which protect against environmental hazards.

Did you know that you can increase the life of your tire by:

  • Checking all your tire pressure monthly
  • Rotating your tires every 5,000 miles
  • Noting that a Loss of air could be valve stem or a repairable puncture – This does not mean buying a new tire.
  • Selecting the right tire for your vehicle and driving environment

New and used quality tires on sale

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