About us

BTH Tire and Auto Center has been serving Suitland, Maryland for over 20 years. We sell most major brands name, both New and Used quality tires.

We stock a variety of quality used tires, and we insure that the tires are physically inspected, reliable, and safe to drive. What sets us apart is our ability to save you hundreds of dollars on high end new tires.

We are the only name you need to know for trustworthy professional quality used tires in the Washington metropolitan area, and for the success of flat tire repair at BTH Tire is dependent on inspection, a through knowledge of type and size of injury using correct tools and techniques. Our technicians are well trained to handle high volume, offering a quick turnaround service.

At BTH Tire and Auto Center, you will get quality service every single time.

Whatever your tire requirements are, we can help you to make a better decision before your purchase! Our services are efficient, instructive, and competitive.

Tire Saving Tips:

Did you know that you can increase the life of your tire by:

  • Checking all your tire pressure monthly.
  • Rotating your tires every 5,000 miles (subjective on the tread and the owner’s manual)
  • Noting that a loss of air could be valves stem or a repairable puncture - This does not mean buying a new tire! 
  • Never over inflate a tire.
  • Every tire has a different aspect ratio that’s included in the abbreviation branded on the tire. For example, 235-55-20, the 55 is the aspect ratio. That means the tire is 55% as high as it is wider. Low aspect ratio usually indicated high performance tires and 20 inch indicates the diameter of the rim size.

BTH location

BTH location